national capacity self-assessment in biodiversity, climate change and desertification


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The National Capacities Self-assessment project (NCSA Ecuador), is based on the premise that building capacities forms the basis for the implementation of national processes that would pave the way for sustainable development.

The methodological guide for self-assessments (GEF/UNITAR 2000) proposes inserting the self-assessment into other country processes by guiding them toward sustainable development. According to the Guide: "...a well-planned and comprehensive process will help to insure that the activities embarked upon by a country to build the capacity for protecting the global environment, along with connected requests for financial support, will be correctly coordinated and integrated into the activities of wider environmental ordering or sustainable development embarked upon by the nation."

Further, the guide states that "the self-assessment process must achieve convergence of the various national entities, institutions and organizations whose activities have important repercussions, directly and indirectly on the environment, and will likewise encourage them to assess the deficiencies, identify the synergies and establish a coordinated focus toward capacity building in general."

It was under this conceptual context that the National Capacities Self-assessment in Ecuador was developed.


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