quito metropolitan district environmental agenda 2011-2016

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the environmental agenda of the quito metropolitan district (dmq) 2011-2016, is an instrument of socio-political guidelines that will guide strategic environmental management in the dmq in the next five years. it arises from a participatory process that helped more than 250 representatives of civil society and the public and private sectors and incorporates the environmental vision of various sectors.

the environmental agenda 2011 - 2016 seeks to coordinate and mobilize key actors from quito society around four priorities:

1. sustainability inside the management of the natural wealth of the dmq.
2. preparedness and timely response to climate change.
3. production and consumption considering environmental and social responsibility.
4. active participation in building a green quito

thus, the agenda proposes four strategic objectives and 18 measurable goals to be achieved by 2016. both the strategic guidelines and the targets of the agenda were built in a process that included making a diagnosis of the environmental situation of the dmq, citizen perception surveys, 60 in-depth interviews and three construction and validation workshops. the environmental agenda helps fulfill the metropolitan development plan, which, in its green quito axis, proposes the conversion  of quito as a sustainable district. this axis presents a vision of quito in 2022, with three main elements: the preservation, maintenance and protection of natural heritage; environmental quality improvement, and the fight against the adverse effects of climate change. it is through the implementation of the strategies and actions proposed in this paper that the environmental agenda 2011 - 2016 will come alive. most of the goals are ambitious and will require a sustained and coordinated effort from the metropolitan district of quito and quito’s society. in this sense, citizen participation, the strengthening of the local authority and the recognition of social responsibility in caring for the environment are all central to environmental management in the metropolitan district of quito.

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