updated study of necessity assessment and gap analysis of financing the national protected area system (snap) within a management framework and capacity building

001the first analysis for the financing needs of the ecuadorian national system of protected areas (snap) was published in 2005, based on the financial information of 2003. This study marked the beginning of a fundamental process for the sustainability of the snap, facilitated the incorporation of the financial variable within the planning and management of protected areas (pa) in the country, and gained worldwide recognition as a pioneer methodological reference for financing the conservation of biodiversity.

the results obtained in 2005, for the 31 existing PAs within the continental snap determine a total expenditure of us$ 2.7 million with an estimated minimum need of us$ 6.2 million to cover the basic scenario and us$ 12.2 million for an ideal management scenario.
ten years later, and in the midst of an unprecedented growth of government investment into the snap, the ecuadorian ministry of environment (mae), within the gef project for financial sustainability of the snap, has prioritized the update of the study published in 2005.

as subject of this new study, the continental snap includes 46 of the total 48 pas composing the heritage of the state's natural areas (pane); it excludes the Galapagos national park and its marine reserve, plus 1 pa (subsystem of gads) which is the seven churches ecological conservation area. for this study the snap is considered to be formed of  the two subsystems with guidelines an apss stated by the mae (sub-pane and gads); it does not include communal and private subsystems. in terms of area it accounts for 16.4% of the country surface, covering approximately 4,213,910 hectares of land and 128,426 hectares of sea.

in terms of its management capacity, scope and coverage the period 2007-2012 has been crucial for the consolidation of the snap. during this period, 14 new pas have been added to the snap; we can say that nearly 30% of all the pas within the snap did not exist before 2007.

By the end of 2012, the total spending in the continental snap reached approx. us$ 21 million, equivalent to the total amount spent during the entire 2003-2010 period, i.e. in a single year, the resources invested were equivalents to those during the previous eight years. for the first time the combined budget for the continental snap exceeded that assigned to aps of galapagos, narrowing the gap in terms of impact, coverage of activities and volume of management.

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