meeting report on actions to protect the southeastern pacific marine environment and coastal areas amcp 2009

informe de la reunion amcp 2009the executive secretary of the action plan for the protection of the marine environment and coastal areas of the southeast pacific, convoked to a regional workshop on governance, participatory management and sustainable financing for marine and coastal protected areas of the southeast pacific, complying with the activity 07/09 of the 2009 work program, adopted by decision no 11 of the XV meeting of the general authority of the southeastern pacific action plan (november 2007) and implementing the work plan prepared by the regional working group on protected marine and coastal areas (AMCP) in 2008, which was created to operationalize the regional network of protected marine and coastal areas of the southeast pacific .

the AMCP was conceived within the context of the area of applicability of the protocol for the conservation and management of the southeast pacific coastal and marine protected areas and tends to ensure the protection and maintenance of its biological diversity, ensuring the sustainable use of its resources for present and future generations. Amongst others, the network contributes to fulfill the goals of the world summit on sustainable development of marine protected areas consistent with international law and based on scientific information. the network also contributes to the implementation of the work plan on protected areas of the convention on biological diversity, which aims to establish and maintain marine areas, effectively managed and ecologically representative within a national and regional protected area systems.

through participatory processes for design, planning and management of the ACMP, and the distribution of its benefits, the regional network promotes the participation of stakeholders, including traditional local communities and local governments. furthermore it encourages an ongoing dialogue with all sectors involved to promote mutual understanding and reciprocal knowledge transfer, ensuring that the processes and outcomes occur in an environment of trust and transparency. Likewise, it is necessary to develop financial mechanisms and management approaches that, together with favorable local and national policies, ensure the sustainability of AMCP networks or systems long term.

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