cantonal strategic plan for tourism in san cristobal – galapagos

002 planthe strategic plan of tourism for san cristobal responds to the need to strengthen the response capacity of cantonal institutions to implement the new management system for sustainable tourism in Galapagos. Furthermore it is a tool to guide the development of policies, programs and projects to realize the principles elaborated during the first summit of sustainable tourism for galapagos.

this strategic tourism plan gives priority to tourism with local participation and seeks to consolidate it as the principal method of the canton. it has been led by the cantonal authorities and has as target the main public and private institutions which have competencies, capabilities, resources and interests in the development of tourism. The plan represents the results of a process that was attended by over eighty people of st. cristobal and floreana; this reflected the aspirations and needs of a wide group of organizations and individuals interested in the development of this sector.

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