financial sustainability of protected areas in latin america and the caribbean: investment policy guidance

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This groundbreaking Report compares and aggregates official financial data and qualitative insights about the health of Protected Area (PA) financial 1 sustainability for 20 Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries . Locally and regionally, the PAs analysed provide direct and indirect benefits over their combined area for a population of 564 million people in these 20 countries. Globally, LAC PA systems contain and support many important benefits in the areas of biodiversity conservation, human development, and, increasingly, ecosystems services to manage carbon sequestration.

The quantity, type, level, and immediate usefulness of the data presented in the full document is unprecedented. Policy makers, practitioners, and researchers will find the information necessary for regional and national planning, and a clear, robust analytical basis for rethinking investments to improve the financial sustainability of PAs. While these findings reveal the level of financial gap faced in the region, they also show that reducing the gap is achievable and affordable, so that PAs can be effectively managed to the benefit of all.

Stakeholders have perceived financial sustainability of PAs as a ‘black box’. This black box arises from a lack of understanding of the elements comprising PA financial systems and a absence of specific financial information about both PA needs and funding. A major roadblock to PA financial sustainability has been this lack of detailed information on financing.

This Report opens the black box by providing a wealth of information available by region, by region, subregion, and most importantly by country. The size of the financing gap between the current underfunding of PA systems and a situation of sustainability for PA systems is now known. PA stakeholders now have a specific target for PA financial sustainability.

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