the financing needs of the galapagos marine reserve

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the nature conservancy, within the project conservation of the galapagos marine reserve, with the support from the united states government agency for development - usaid, has developed the long-term financing needs assessment of the galapagos marine reserve, publication we provide herein.

one of the most critical issues for the creation and / or maintenance of protected areas worldwide is the issue of their financial sustainability in the long-term.

one of the first points to resolve on the issue of sustainability is the study of basic needs and investments so as to reach to an agreement on them, and this agreement should respond to a rational structure of spending and investment.

in this study, we present an analysis of funding needs for the next 10 years, were 3 scenarios were used: basic, intermediate and ideal. each of them represents different levels of needs, which are based on the basic scenario of maintaining a minimum number of staff, and the necessary expenses for the main processes carried out by the galapagos marine reserve, and scaling up to an approach leading to the "ideal" scenario, regarded as necessary, but obtainable with the compliance of a series of programs throughout the areas or processes.

obviously the economy itself in the galapagos islands, as well as price levels and the physical size of the marine reserve make all expenditures high compared to other areas in mainland ecuador.

in any case, the different scenarios were worked out based on the information available, in a joint process with the staff in charge of activities in the marine reserve.

we give special thanks to the great collaboration and openness of the galapagos national park, both in the provision of information as well as in the participation in workshops to design the scenarios and to quantify the financial needs. we also thank wwf for the great support given to the consultant team and to the realization of the consulting work and, in general, we express our gratitude to all the organizations of the alliance that carry out the conservation of the galapagos marine reserve project for their different and valuable contributions. finally, we also thank mentefactura for the conclusion of this contribution to the sustainability of the galapagos islands and its marine reserve.

in this document you will find valuable information that will guide the spending and investment in the galapagos marine reserve. in general, it is necessary that the cooperating organizations, donors, government and decision makers direct their contributions and efforts toward the marine reserve through this instrument.

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