sinasip strategy for financial sustainability

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the financial sustainability strategy responds to a priority identified by authorities and officials of the ministry of environment of paraguay (seam) to complement the strategic plan of the national system of wildlife protected areas of paraguay (sinasip). this strategy seeks to reverse a critical shortage of financial resources trend for sinasip, which threatens to affect its integrity and, consequently, its real potential to provide goods and services to the paraguayan society.

the process started in june 2008 covers the following five key areas to contribute to the institutional strengthening, through a financial planning process:

1. - introduction to the economic importance of sinasip;

2. - analysis of sinasip needs and financial planning in two different management scenarios;

3. - analysis of the main options and mechanisms to fill the financial gaps;

4. - definition of the baseline related to the environment, elements and enabling conditions for financial sustainability;
5. - a strategic proposal that considers vision, mission, strategic priorities and objectives.

protected areas provide a wide range of goods and services that contribute to the welfare of society at local and global levels, such as: fresh water, fisheries, biodiversity, resources for recreation and tourism, co2 sinks, etc.

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