analysis of the financing needs of the national system of protected natural areas of ecuador

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the development of this initiative complies with the protected areas work plan of the biological diversity convention, specifically with its objective 3.4, related to the financial sustainability of national and regional protected areas systems. to fulfill this agenda, ecuador signed a memorandum of understanding (mou), which commits so far eight (national and international) organizations to assist in its implementation. the process begins with the study analysis of snap funding needs of ecuador, and from the results obtained, plans and sustainable financing strategies will be developed, including identification of regulatory, legislative and institutional actions that may be deemed necessary.

the study considers the 33 protected areas that currently make up snap. however, the document presents an analysis of the 31 continental protected areas as one group, while the results of the galapagos national park and galapagos marine reserve are differentially analyzed and presented in annex 1. in connection with the process, it should be noted its innovative nature, as it proposes the construction of a methodological approach for the participatory identification of the needs of the system. in this sense, the study was coordinated and supported by the following organizations, which form the so-called promoter group (pg): ministry of the environment of ecuador (mae), national environmental fund (fan), the nature conservancy (tnc), united states government agency for development (usaid-ecuador), conservation international (ci), kreditanstalt für wiederaufbou (kfw), ecociencia foundation, natura foundation and world union for nature (iucn). moreover, during the development process, we had the valuable participation of over 200 stakeholders through workshops, meetings and interviews. it is important to mention that this study is mainly based on documents, such as: the document of the strategic plan of the national protected areas system (mfa, 1999), the planning guidelines for the snap (mfa, 1999) and the study of the snap evaluation on efficiency management (mfa, 1999). also, the research is based on various experiences in the region to finance national protected areas systems.

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