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cristian molina

christian molina, is owner of studio2, an architect, designer and artist with a multi-cultural background. he is currently living in Cumbayá where he owns his gallery-shop-studio which he shares with his partner and associate marcela salde, designer and artist from sladesign. together they provide architecture, furniture, graphic design, interiors, illustrations, murals, fashion and accessories, paintings, costumes, decoration, various gifts and more. the  mentefactura building located on the street orellana and diego de almagro and the current offices on atahualpa street are some of their projects. Other customers are: rosaprima, meditropoli medical center office 215 and the park house. finished projects and those still under construction include: mentefactura: quito; rosaprima: cayambe; residences santa agnes: cumbayá; bellafila: barcelona; spoon art and design: barcelona; sladesign: barcelona; petri location: puembo; castro residence noronha: nayon; sievers residence rec: galapagos; garcia residence endara: nayon; puy8a: puyo; huasquila: tena.

with a bachelor and  a master in architecture awarded by the savannah college of art and design in 2000, molina moved to Barcelona , Spain  where he co - founded the group xerrajeros and worked with miralles enric and tagliabue benedetta. in 2005 and in cooperation with marcela slade, they opened two galleries:  spoon art and design and sladesign, both studio-gallery-shops in the gothic neighborhood. in 2006 he co - founded open source architecture (www.osa.cat) and specialized in exhibitions , furniture and interiors. since 2008 he is living in Ecuador.

studio2 calle garcía moreno 385 parque de cumbayá, ecuador 0995610726


amazonas n36-55 | edificio antisana 1 | casilla 17-16-1010 | quito, ecuador +593 2 6000370