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esteban falconi

besides being a musician, esteban falconi is an attorney specialized in environmental conservation, protection of human rights and the collective rights of indigenous peoples, biotechnology and intellectual property. since 2003, he has worked on environmental issues in the private, ngo, governmental and academia levels in countries like ecuador, the united states and switzerland. his work has focused mainly on the design and implementation of public policies on issues such as: protected areas, citizen participation, access to genetic resources, science and technology regulation, bio-commerce, protection of traditional knowledge, conservation of private lands, and agro-biodiversity, among others. in occasions, he has collaborated with mentefactura to develop the legal component of projects, such as the development of the environmental agenda for the municipality of quito, or the evaluation of the agreements signed by the ministry of the environment for the participatory management of protected areas.

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amazonas n36-55 | edificio antisana 1 | casilla 17-16-1010 | quito, ecuador +593 2 6000370