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felipe campos

felipe campos is an ecuadorian biologist and  naturalist, whose field of work and interest revolves around biodiversity. felipe began his studies during childhood, after spending long periods of time on an uninhabited island in the galapagos islands. his first entomological collection was performed when he was eight years old. felipe studied biology at the catholic university of quito and took three years of medicine at the central university of the same city. subsequently, felipe took specialized courses at the university of parma, italy (animal behavior), research institute amazónicas/unicamp- brazil (tropical ecology) and the smithsonian institute-usa (biodiversity techniques). his field of expertise is zoology, especially the study of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects and marine invertebrates. felipe participated in nearly all of the country's biodiversity diagnoses in protected areas and oversaw the creation of some of these areas.  he also participated in the development of models for interpreting geographic conservation needs in ecuador and south america, both in the terrestrial and marine ecosystems. similarly, felipe accumulates great life experience dwelling in  several indigenous communities in the country. during the last decade, felipe has been working on the national inventory of biodiversity and continues to travel throughout ecuador. he stands out as author of books and scientific publications, university professor, curator of biodiversity museums, founder and director of non-governmental organizations involved in research and conservation, consultant and public official for the ministry of environment.

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