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roberto madera

roberto madera is 25 years old and is an environmental engineer from universidad internacional sek. roberto has experience working in the private sector and has been engaged in volunteering activities around the topic of youth leadership on climate change and environment. parallel with his engineering studies, he worked for an environmental control laboratory (gruentec) gaining experience in water and soil sampling and monitoring in the country's most important industries. his involvement with youth leadership began in 2010 by winning the contest "quito youth against climate change" released by the municipality of quito. subsequently, roberto supported the organization, implementation and strengthening of the first national youth convention on climate change (cnjfcc), where mentefactura played an important role. additionally, roberto is coordinator of the youth group "kitulectivo" which seeks to create environmental awareness in society. all these experiences have allowed him to participate and become a speaker at seminars on issues related to climate change and the environment in several cities. he is currently completing a research project with universidad internacional sek on sustainable development in limoncocha biological reserve. currently, roberto is collaborating with mentefactura on the project on threat analysis and financing needs of the national system of protected areas of ecuador.

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amazonas n36-55 | edificio antisana 1 | casilla 17-16-1010 | quito, ecuador +593 2 6000370