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For a paradigm shift from conventional construction to sustainable building in Galapagos!

The project addresses two challenges of climate change: adaptation and mitigation.

Mitigation with energy reduction in buildings and adaptation because it changes paradigms about building and demystifies that comfort is only possible with energy consumption.

Implemented in the Galapagos archipelago for the formulation of standards, regulatory framework and transfer of knowledge on energy efficiency to island regions of Latin America and the Caribbean in the area of climate change resilience.

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Living Lab El empoderamiento ciudadano en Galápagos conduce a la edificación sostenible

Get to know our Living Labs

Learn about the three buildings where demonstrative rehabilitations will be carried out to experiment with appropriate strategies and technologies to validate new standards and their regulatory instruments.

Hotel Paraíso de Isabela

Vivienda Edificio Barcelona

Escuela Galo Plaza Lasso

Expected results


Implement three experiences in the application of participatory public policy mechanisms through experiential laboratories or LIVING LABS on the islands of San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz and Isabela.


Develop appropriate technological tools for sustainable construction.


Generate local capacities for sustainable construction in Galapagos.

Did you know?

In the 2023 Regional Plan, one indicator of Unsatisfied Basic Needs is access to housing.

Did you know?

This project could increase the resilience of the Galapagos Islands to climate change.

Did you know?

Improvements to buildings for air conditioning would represent a saving of between 28% and 50% of current energy consumption in the Galapagos Islands. 

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